Setting up A Cell Phone Repair Business

Cell Phone Repair Business

In the past half a decade, the cell phone repair industry has experienced a huge growth thanks to the availability of cheaper and reliable internet, and the rise in the number of fragile smartphones which continually need repairs in case of any mishandling. Venturing in the cellphone repair business is therefore a lucrative opportunity if well handled. Just like any other business, there are steps to be followed when starting. If these procedures and steps are followed accordingly, you are more likely to run a successful business.

Starting your Business

First, create a realistic business plan. This may sound like a cliché but it is the most important step to setting up any business. The best way of coming up with a good plan is conducting research through the internet and by reading books. Seek views of people who have done the business before to have a better understanding of it. Write a summary of the plan, your marketing strategy, tabulate your financial projections and where necessary, hire a business lawyer. Second, seek knowledge about how various cell phones are repaired through online research or spending time with an expert in the field.

Licenses and Location

With the plan ready and the knowledge acquired, seek permission to operate by visiting the local authorities for a license or permit. You then have to apply for a personal tax ID number. This can be done online through the relevant government website. The next step is setting shop. This is a defining task for your business since without human traffic; you are most likely going to get few customers for your business. Shopping malls, plazas and centers are the most ideal locations for such a business. To cut on expenses due to rent, you can also use your home as the operations center. For this to work effectively, you will however have to develop strong marketing strategies to get a high client base.

Office Equipment and Tools

Since your office is your operations center, it has to be well equipped. First you need the right furniture. These include a chair and desk. You also need office supplies like writing pads, pens and receipt books. You can also set up a shipping account depending on the target market. You also need a computer for online operations, relevant cell phone software, cleaners, phone open tools, lamps among others. For more on the required tools, visit online cellphone stores.


At this point, you are ready to operate a cell phone repair business. However, the success of the business is greatly dependent on your marketing strategy and operations. You also have to keep reinventing your strategies in order to increase sales. Setting up a website is also important in order to increase your visibility, interact with your clients and boost your company status since most clients will take you seriously if you have a website. Finally, keep an inventory of your finances. This along with paying taxes on time will help you protect your business from penalties.